Ideas for your Spyder from Thornoli's

Spyder RT Front Lighting Lamonster Garage LED Headlamp and Foglamp upgrades. TricLED Vader accent lights on both headlamp and foglamp lenses. Spyderpops Spyclops accent light above trunk. TricLED accent ring around BRP Logo, Spyderpops A-Arm mounted daytime running lights. Spyderpops lighted Bumpskid.

LED lighted side reflectors. These are available for RT, ST and F3 models with new style fenders. Set also includes side markers for saddle bags or rear fender (F3-S)

Spyder F3 Front Lighting Lamonster Garage mirror relocation kit and LED turn signal indicators. Lamonster Garage LED Headlamp and Foglamp upgrade. LED Foglight ring, BRP Signature Light below trunk lid. BRP F3 SS Grille, Spyderpops lighted Bumpskid. LED A-Arm daytime running lights.

Spyder RT Rear Lighting LED High Mount stop light, LED accent ring around BRP logo, Spyderpops 4 Section LED run, brake and turn LED stips, TricLED American Flag and a Thronoli's mud flap. BRP trailer hitch. Alos integrates strobe function for stop lamps.

Spyder RT LED Trunk light.

Spyder F3-S Rear Lighting Thornoli's LED Under Fender stop and turn indicator strips, LED Accent ring around logo on fender, LED lighted fender side reflectors. LED lighted licence plate fasteners. Also integrates strobe function for stop lamps.

Spyder RT Air Scoops These were originally developed by BRP as part of the 2013 RT heat recall but the scoops work VERY well on ALL year RTs to reduce heat from the console, glove box and the forward edge of the seat. Makes for a MUCH more comfortable ride on your RT in southern climates.

Quality Control It is all about fun at Thornolis! Come and meet Shotgun, our official shop dog.

Spyder F3 (S, T or Ltd) 12V utility outlet with dual USB power port insert. This is a very convienient item to provide power for your GPS, cell phone, heated riding gear or other accessories. Shown here on an F3-S but we install these on F3-T and F3-L models as well as on RTs.

Spyder RT rear flags

Spyder F3-T Windshield F4 Customs vented touring windshield for the Spyder F3-T and F3-L. Available in various heights. Also available are F4 windshields for F3-S and RT models.

Spyder RT Tri-Axis adjustable handle bars and Garmin Zumo mount. These bars are adjustable to provide a much more comfortable riding position. We also did a custom mount for customer's Zumo GPS that was previously installed on his stock bars.

Spyder RT front spring adjusters. These help a good deal on the newer RTs with the heavier 1330 engine up front. We recommend a BajaRon sway bar on all Spyders. Then on the newer RTs that do not have adjustable front springs from the factory, these upgrade adjusters allow the front suspension to be adjusted for better handling and control in corners. Makes a significant improvement for much less money than aftermarket shocks. Right shock shows stock configuration, left is with adjuster installed.